MM&K each year produces a number of publications:

Pay Surveys

MM&K produces a number of market leading compensation surveys all of which are designed to keep abreast of the latest trends and developments within their sectors. Our pay surveys are characterised by an analysis of remuneration policies and structures, with particular focus on incentive remuneration, and include a detailed analysis of actual remuneration levels for a wide range of selected roles.

Research Studies

Each year, in collaboration with our GECN colleagues,  we conduct research into the latest trends in Corporate Governance in the UK and around the world. The GECN is a strategic alliance of six leading advisory firms around the world focused on serving the governance, compensation and related needs of our clients.  GECN firms have offices in North America, Continental Europe, the United Kingdom, Asia, Australia and Africa. MM&K is its UK representative firm.

You can obtain more information or download reports below.

2021 GECN ESG research Global Executive Incentive Trends

This research focuses on how companies have integrated ESG into the performance measures linked to their executive incentive plans.

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2020 European Private Equity and Venture Capital Compensation Report

This report offers a comprehensive market view of competitive compensation strategies across the Private Equity and Venture Capital sector in the UK and Europe.

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2020 Chairman and Non-Executive Director Survey Life in the Boardroom

A comprehensive analysis of everything you need to know about the Boardroom, its effectiveness and remuneration. The data is collected from Non-Executive Directors themselves, providing a more accurate picture of board practices and pay.

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2020 North American PE and VC Compensation Report

This report offers an in-depth view of compensation strategies in the PE and VC sectors in North America. Analysing all aspects of compensations, from salaries to GP Commitment requirements.

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2019 GECN Research Global Trends in Corporate Governance

This report examines the importance of investors’ perspectives in corporate governance. GECN analyses how investors are raising these issues as part of their engagement with their portfolio companies.

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