There is much more to succession planning than just finding the right candidate.

In fact, having someone who you think might be the right person is just part of the journey.  Succession Planning, no matter what type of organisation you are, raises issues that go to the very heart of your organisation.

And these are never easy issues that are raised.

At MM&K, we can call upon a wide range of skills and experience in order to provide assistance which appreciates and provides working solutions to the difficulties raised by succession planning.

  • Protecting the family business

    Given it takes many years to build up a successful family business, there is a natural wariness about bringing in senior executives from outside the family.

    However, as times change and the need to protect the assets created by previous generations intensifies, the need for new blood becomes compelling.

    Having spent over 30 years advising family businesses on this issue, MM&K are in a strong position to provide sensible, practical advice which acknowledges the responsibilities to both the past and the future of the business.

  • In your Executive Team, so you know who’s missing?

    Companies often grow organically, talented individuals are identified and given responsibility.

    Yet, even the most successful teams (or perhaps because they are successful teams) spend time wondering what skills might be missing from them as a team.

    Working with our specialist partners, MM&K works with existing leadership teams to systematically identify what skills are already present and which skills would be desirable to add to make the team work more effectively.

  • Releasing your current executive’s full potential

    Bringing in new people, whilst sometimes necessary, can be an expensive and time consuming process at an executive and director level.

    Often, with the right support, individuals within the business can be helped to see what is stopping them from taking the next step in their own development.

    MM&K have experienced business coaches who can provide support and training to both individuals and teams within leadership and management teams.

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