• Strategic Remuneration, Governance & Incentive Plans

    MM&K assists companies to design and implement remuneration strategies, which support their values, culture and business plans.

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  • Private Equity & Alternative Investment Fund Managers’ Remuneration & Incentive Plans

    MM&K advises the owners and managers of alternative investment management businesses on how best to structure their pay policies as well as the pay policies of their investee companies.

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  • What We Do

    We are a leading independent consultancy specialising in the planning, design, and implementation of business-driven pay and reward strategies.

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    Our Expertise

    Our areas of expertise include executive compensation, employee share plans, corporate governance, business management, valuation and statistics.

    We have specific sector experience as follows:

    • Alternative investment firms (family offices, venture capital, private equity, infrastructure funds)
    • Portfolio companies
    • Oil & gas
    • Renewable energy
    • Family businesses quoted or private companies undergoing change, e.g. IPO, acquisition, strategy change

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    Our Services

    We provide the following core services: Executive Remuneration, Private Equity Remuneration, Pay Surveys, and Share Plans. Our multi-disciplinary approach to remuneration is always tailored to individual client requirements.

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  • Participate in the 2024 MM&K Private Equity and Venture Capital Compensation Survey to obtain the most recent insights into the pay trends

    MM&K has launched its 29th annual Private Equity & Venture Capital Compensation of the European Private Equity and Venture Capital Industry. Participate in the 2024 Survey to obtain the most recent insights into pay trends.

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  • Life in The Boardroom 2023/24: how have companies responded to the cost-of-living crisis?

    Executive directors saw very similar salary increases as the wider workforce, though more executives saw zero increase. Despite inflation, most NEDs believe their company’s remuneration responds to workers’ needs. ONS data suggests wages and inflation have roughly kept apace (including during the cost-of-living crisis).

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  • Private Equity industry – what does compensation look like: Annual Bonus

    Private equity firms employ strategic compensation structures to attract and retain talent. This article explores bonus details, focusing on differences between Partner and non-Partner professionals.

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  • Three recent news items, likely to bring about changes to the structure of executive pay, herald a busy time for remuneration committees

    Whether meeting the challenges of corporate governance reform seeking shareholder’ approval for new, possibly atypical in the UK, remuneration policies or designing pay required increasingly to be competitive in an international context, remuneration committees are facing a busy period. Executive pay is going multi-national.

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  • How will the upcoming general election influence future changes in executive remuneration?

    With a General Election looming, we at MM&K have been looking at the clues as to what might be coming for remuneration and, particularly, executive remuneration in the year ahead.

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  • Navigating 2024: Insights from the Private Equity Pulse Survey

    Discover the latest insights into pay levels within MM&K's recent Private Equity and Venture Capital Pulse Survey, which offers a sneak peek into the current landscape, indicating unexpected challenges for firms in 2024. Despite initial projections, salary adjustments have fallen short. Bonus payouts emerge as a pivotal aspect, reflecting market dynamics more accurately. Explore the nuances of remuneration trends and consider participating in our comprehensive 2024 survey to delve deeper into industry dynamics.

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  • Life in the Boardroom 2023-2024 MM&K’s exclusive survey of Board Chairs and NEDs

    For 33 years MM&K has conducted this valued survey which provides participants with a comprehensive 80+ page report containing insights on board practices, time commitments, pay and other board issues. It is unique as data is collected directly from Directors themselves, rather than from company staff or annual reports. This provides a more accurate picture from the people who experience it first-hand.

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    Private Equity & Venture Capital Compensation Survey

    MM&K has launched its 28th annual Compensation Survey for the European Private Equity and Venture Capital Industry. This survey provides participating firms with market leading, detailed information on both the quantum and structure of pay in the European PE, VC, Infrastructure and Real Estate fund management industries. In the survey we collect data on base salaries, benefits, annual bonuses and carried interest plan participation, plus details on a large number of other people and reward issues.

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    London Stock Exchange

    MM&K are proud members of London Stock Exchange Issuer Services. Tom Hinton, Head of Issuer Services, and MM&K’s CEO, Paul Norris discuss trends in directors’ remuneration and how they have evolved over recent months. Paul discusses recent developments on ESG and the challenges some of our clients are facing, along with the impact of increased regulation and the effect on executive roles along with how the role of NEDs is evolving.

    News & Publications

    We publish monthly newsletters on Remuneration and Share Plan related matters. If you would like to receive copies of our news & publications please sign up.

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    Meet The Team

    MM&K’s team is multi-disciplinary, bringing together consulting, advisory, legal, accounting, analytical and modelling skills. View the full team page to find out more.

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    Contact Us

    If you would like to get in touch and find out more about MM&K, their services and the team please click the link below.

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  • “Congratulations on a thorough and insightful survey. It fills in something of a gap in coverage of the numerous publications from the large firms in the remuneration consulting space.”

    – Alan Giles, Chairman, Remuneration Consultants Group

  • “We contacted MM&K to set up an EMI Scheme for our employees. MM&K supported us every step of the way and explained all of the options that were available to us. They are clearly experts at what they do and they navigated us through the whole process from beginning to end. JD has been a huge support in re-writing documents that were needed and in helping us with communications to the rest of our business. We are very grateful to him and his team for the extra work and time they put into getting this project completed for us. ”

    – London-based recruitment consultancy, September 2021

  • “I was recommended to MM&K by an old colleague as the leading remuneration advisers in London with a detailed understanding of and experience with the design of remuneration structures in the alternative investment management arena.

    I needed help with the introduction and detailed design of a carried interest plan for my team of investment professionals in a mid-market private equity fund management house that my business is heavily invested in. I certainly found them very knowledgeable, impressively responsive and tremendously helpful in guiding me through the various different structures and mechanisms that are typically used in carried interest plan arrangements.”

    – CEO of UK based Family Office, January 2020

  • “When we needed to review our remuneration arrangements, we spoke with a number of potential advisers but MMK stood out with their detailed understanding of and experience with the design of remuneration policies in private equity fund management businesses.

    As a premium listed company on the London Stock Exchange, we needed comprehensive advice from a firm that understood both the corporate governance requirements for a fully listed company as well as the design of remuneration structures and policies in PE fund management businesses. We needed advice on salary levels, bonus plan metrics and LTIP design.

    We found that MM&K had a detailed knowledge of the PE industry and its remuneration structures. They also understood the requirements that we needed to comply with as a fully listed company. They were diligent in their market research and advice and efficient in steering us through this important journey including helping support our shareholder consultations. We have ended up with accomplished remuneration arrangements that were approved by our shareholders.”

    – Graham Stedman, Remuneration Committee Chair of LMS Capital plc

  • “MM&K are that rare breed, people who actually take the time to understand the business and give executive remuneration advice which is practical, commercial and eminently sensible from the start.”

    – Simon Bennett, Founding Partner, Incremental Capital LLP

  • “With a complex transaction ahead of us, as chairman of a new venture, I knew of MM&K by reputation and over months of twists and turns, their combination of commercial experience and insight, pragmatism and client focus were exceptional. A delight to work with. ”

    – Rupert McNeil, start-up chairman, June 2023


    Life in the Boardroom

    MM&K has conducted this Chairman and Non-Executive Director Survey (Life in the Boardroom) for 33 years. It is unique as data is collected directly from Directors themselves, rather than from company staff or annual reports. This provides a more accurate picture of board practices and pay.

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