MM&K’s 2021 Life in the Boardroom survey report will contain details of those issues which Chairs and NEDs tell us are of most interest and concern to them

June 3, 2021

MM&K’s Life in the Boardroom report is based on a unique survey sent out to Non-Executive Directors themselves in order to gather insights into their individual thoughts on boardroom policies and practice.

Our survey represents the views of Non-Executive Directors working in a variety of industries and settings, including Financial Services, Technology, Energy, Media and Real Estate.

To ensure this year’s survey reflects the experience and opinions of individual directors on of the topics which are of most interest to them, we prepared a mini-questionnaire to ask non-executives which new topics they would like to see covered this year.

As responsibilities are changing with recent environmental concerns, with the COVID pandemic and the fast pace of technological improvement, MM&K wishes to produce the most useful report possible for Non-Executive Directors, in order to help them, their Boards and those who advise them make informed business decisions compared.

Based on the results of the mini-questionnaire, the following are the topics of most interest to Non-Executive Directors and will be added in our 2021 Survey questionnaire:

  • The correlation between diversity in the boardroom and business performance
  • The effectiveness of online meetings as opposed to meetings face-to-face
  • The importance attached to ESG
  • The role of the nominations and remuneration committee in creating a more diverse culture
  • Increasing responsibilities and demands on time.

Non-Executive Directors are now expected to be ready to address a societal shift and plan an economic recovery post-COVID to ensure the future of the business. In addition, responsibilities are also increasing in respect of regulations as well as business sustainability and the environment.

Adjusting business’ operating models to address those issues can be challenging. By purchasing our survey report, Non-Executive Directors will better understand how to approach new and existing challenges in the boardroom.

If you were not a participant in last year’s survey but would like a copy of the 2020 Life in the Boardroom report, it is still available to purchase here.

You can download a preview and find out more here.

Please contact Elisa Cobetto with any queries.

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