Life in the Boardroom

March 27, 2021

MM&K’s Board Chairs and Non-Executive Directors’ “Life in the Boardroom” survey is a “Must Have” for all Non-Executives.

Why it is unique

This survey is unique as the data is collected from Non-Executive Directors themselves. This offers true insights into individual directors’ views about Board appointment practices and effectiveness, which otherwise could be misinterpreted based on the available published data (i.e., annual reports)

Last year, 258 individual directors participated, representing 517 companies from a variety of industries including Financial Services, IT, Media, Aerospace and Constructions. This year MM&K is looking for even more participants to gather invaluable insights into the changing role of NEDs, for example, dealing with the COVID pandemic.

Our survey will help you be ready for Non-Executive Directors new responsibilities

How is your company addressing these issues compared to other similar companies? Could you improve?

We will modify this year’s questionnaire, to enable us, in our 2021 Life in the Boardroom report, to provide exclusive essential information about the changing role of NEDs post-COVID19.

The role of Non-Executive Directors, traditionally to contribute to the board by giving independent oversight and constructive challenge to executive directors, has become more demanding as businesses face greater complexity.

Non-Executive Directors are now expected to be ready to address a societal shift and plan an economic recovery post-COVID to ensure the future of the business.

Our 2021 Survey will help you address this ‘first-time’ in history challenge by learning from the experiences of fellow non-executives. There is no previous experience that Non-Executive Directors could base their decisions on. Therefore, it is increasingly important to consult the market and share experiences. Our Survey is designed to do exactly that. It is essential reading for NEDs at this challenging time.

The role of NEDs has changed not only in regards of COVID19. Based on participants’ responses, our report offers guidance on other changes in responsibilities as well, including the wider remit and responsibilities of remuneration committees.

NEDs play an important role as liaison between the board and employees and, increasingly important, is their role in the remuneration committee. In addition, responsibilities are also increasing in respect of regulations as well as business sustainability and the environment. Adjusting business’ operating model to secure resilience can be challenging.

Who would benefit from the report?

  • Current NEDs
  • Those aspiring to become NEDs
  • Boards and their HR departments seeking to recruit NEDs
  • Those advising companies on the recruitment and remuneration of NEDs
  • Organisations established to support businesses and their directors

You can download a preview and find out more here.


If you were not a participant in last year’s survey but would like a copy of the 2020 Life in the Boardroom report, it is still available to purchase. Enquire by email or call: +44 (0)20 7283 7200.

Or please contact Elisa Cobetto for any further queries.

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