MM&K speaks at London Stock Exchange Group Share Plan webinar

March 18, 2021

Stuart James, Principal at MM&K spoke at the London Stock Exchange Group’s share plans webinar on Thursday 18th March.

The webinar entitled ‘Share plans, practical issues & why is now the right time to address them’ discussed the importance of having a solid share plan in place and the importance of good advice to create well-structured plans.

Stuart was joined by Simon Gordon and Miranda Lansdowne, Senior Directors at JTC Group.

View recording here.

Topic covered included: 

  • Why is now the right time to ensure you have a sound share plan in place? And how has the COVID-19 pandemic contributed to this?
  • How can share plans make your workforce more ‘sticky?’
  • Why a well-structured share plan is one of the best ways to invest in your workforce
  • Are there any dangers of having a share plan in place?
  • What impact has, and will, Brexit have on aspects of share plans and share awards?
  • A case study discussion of JTC Fund Service’s share plan and what can be learnt from it?

If you are contemplating implementing (or changing) a share plan, some of the key things to consider at the moment include:

  • Current share prices for most organisations will be in a dip – with the economy hopefully starting to improve over the next year, putting a share plan in place now will be an opportunity for you and your employees to share in that growth alongside investors/owners
  • Share plans are bespoke to your business – even where you are thinking of using a “market standard” plan, it is important to make the time and investment into selecting the right plan for your business
  • Similarly, your remuneration structure (including your share plans) is a window into what your organisation values, so make sure you choose your plan wisely
  • Long term incentive plans improve retention across an organisation
  • Don’t take your employees for granted – tie them in before competitors start to make them attractive offers.

If you would like to pick up on any of the above points, or indeed any of the issues raised in the webinar, please contact Stuart James.

MM&K has a dedicated online share plan factsheet section, which provides information to help you understand the different type of plans that can be used. These are available to download and can be accessed here.

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