MM&K interview by Better Boards. Executive Compensation: Striking The Right Balance Between Executives and Stakeholders

December 7, 2023

We are excited to share a thought-provoking podcast episode featuring Paul Norris, our Senior Partner, in a dynamic conversation with Dr Sabine Dembkowski, founder and manager of Better Boards. Paul, a seasoned expert in executive compensation, discusses the delicate balance between executive pay and stakeholder interests, a topic of great significance in today’s corporate landscape.

Topic Spotlight

As next year’s AGMs approach, UK-listed companies are preparing to present their directors’ remuneration policies for a binding shareholder vote. This timely discussion, led by Sabine, explores the crucial balance between executive compensation and fair remuneration policies aligned with business objectives.

Paul’s expertise in shaping remuneration strategies and incentive plans is crucial for companies facing significant business or HR challenges. In this episode, he sheds light on:

  • Overcoming the main challenges facing Remuneration Committees
  • Better communication with stakeholders
  • Crafting a compelling company narrative
  • Including ESG targets in executive incentives.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone involved in corporate governance, executive compensation and strategic business planning.

If you would like to discuss the topics raised in this interview or find out more about how MM&K can help you, please contact Paul Norris.

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