2020 MM&K PE Survey webinar

November 27, 2020

On Tuesday 24th of November, MM&K held a webinar for the participants in its 2020 UK and European PE and VC Compensation Survey.

In the webinar, Nigel Mills and Margarita Skripina provided interesting insights and further explanation around some of the main findings coming through from this year’s survey data. The event also provided a good opportunity to have an interactive Q&A session about the results.

The data submitted this year was of really good quality and provided us with clear evidence that the PE and VC worlds in the UK and Europe remain in rude health.

The PE Survey

Every year MM&K conducts its UK and European PE Compensation Survey, which comprises a qualitative section and a quantitative section. The first part includes data concerning financial and operations information, human capital practices, and the design of compensation plans including employee benefits, bonus/short-term incentive plans, carried interest plans, co-investment plans and the general partner commitment. The second part analyses individual compensation data for 47 different positions on salaries, bonuses, and carried interest.

This year’s UK and European survey gathered data from 43 different organisations. Of these, 53% were independent, 37% were captive (i.e. owned by a larger institutional parent) and 10% were listed on the London Stock Market.

MM&K would like to remind readers that copies of the 2020 PE Survey are available to purchase subject to your firm’s participation in next year’s survey.

MM&K Webinars

If you are interested in MM&K webinars and you would like to hear more from us, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

Nigel Mills Nigel.Mills@mm-k.com

Margarita Skripina margarita.skripina@mm-k.com


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