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On Wednesday 24th February, the Investment Association published an update on its previous guidance seeking to update IA member expectations on how Remuneration Committees should be reflecting the impact of COVID-19 on executive pay. The main thrust of the update was an addendum to the original guidance that it published in November 2020 which we…

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The roller-coaster that was 2020:  The FTSE100 index entered 2020 at 7,542.40.  By the start of the first lockdown in March, it had dropped to 4,993.90, a fall of nearly 34%.  At the time of writing, the FTSE has risen to 6,572.18, up nearly 32% but still almost 13% below where it was at the…

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Even in the modern age of political “opinion mining” and “soft leaking”, there has not yet been any overt steer from the Government as to what specifically it would like to do with the CGT regime (other than, presumably, for it to raise more revenue). However, in the document setting out the situation, it has…

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All of us have had to make major adjustments to our lives over the past three months. Boards of directors and their remuneration committees are no exception. Many companies have been required to make transformational changes to their operations and their remuneration policies, and may yet have to make more. Here are five key agenda…

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The UK Stewardship Code forms part of the FRC’s mission to promote transparency and integrity in business. The 2020 version of the Code was published by the FRC earlier this month. Under the Code, it is incumbent on asset owners and asset managers to disclose how they have prioritised ESG factors when assessing investments. The…

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AIM companies are required to adopt a recognised corporate governance code – which one do they choose? One of the main attractions of listing on the AIM market is the reduced regulatory requirements compared to a main market listing, but do the biggest AIM companies take advantage of this, or do they stick with the…

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The answer is: when it’s an Inclusive Ownership Fund (IOF). Few would disagree that an engaged workforce delivers greater productivity or that offering shares to employees creates direct engagement with the financial and economic performance of the business. But proposals announced at the Labour Party Conference this week that would require companies employing more than…

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Damien Knight takes a critical view of the recent report for IDS for the High Pay Centre.

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responding to the Office of Tax Simplification’s report on tax-advantaged share plans is a major disappointment. The only definite commitments are to abolish the approval process and to review the relevance of the CSOP.  The Government has rejected the OTS’s proposal to reduce the period before SIP shares can be removed tax-free from 5 to…

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MM&K Manifest Executive Director Total Remuneration Survey – Press Articles. FT 12.06.20112 Guardian 12.06.2012 Advertising Age 12.06.2012 City Wire 12.06.2012 Evening Standard 12.06.2012 Independent 13.06.2012 International Business Times 12.06.2012 Sky News 12.06.2012

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MM&K release the latest MM&K Manifest Executive Director Total Remuneration Survey Click here for more info and order form

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Directors’ Remuneration Seminar ‘The High Pay Debate’ 12th June 2012. Click here for more information.

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