Navigating 2024: Insights from the Private Equity Pulse Survey

April 25, 2024

MM&K has concluded its Private Equity & Venture Capital Pulse Survey on what has happened to pay levels (including bonus payments) so far this year, in particular for the investment professionals, in the private equity and venture capital fund management industries in the UK, which sets the scene for remuneration trends in 2024.

This year appears to be challenging for many firms. The results from the Pulse Survey indicate that the anticipated salary adjustments outlined in the 2023 Report have not materialised to the extent initially projected. The number of firms implementing salary increases at this review point is 10% lower than expected, with a greater number of companies opting to maintain salaries at existing levels or, in some cases, even reducing them, seemingly for new hires only.

As companies face constraints on adjusting salaries, bonuses provide greater flexibility, offering a more accurate representation of current market trends. This year, we are observing a significant shift towards reduced bonus payouts, with an additional 26% of firms choosing to lower bonuses compared to initial expectations.

To find out more in terms of what is happening to pay levels in this sector, relevant firms are invited to participate in our main PE and VC Compensation Survey, the results for which we expect to publish in September.  For firms that are interested in participating in our detailed 2024 survey, please get in touch with Margarita Skripina, or click here for more information.

2024 Private Equity & Venture Capital Compensation Survey

MM&K has launched the 29th edition of the Private Equity & Venture Capital European Compensation Survey.

The detailed Private Equity & Venture Capital Compensation Survey will offer a more comprehensive analysis of the nuances in industry compensation. Through participation in our survey, participating firms are able to acquire the full report that will provide invaluable compensation information and data, enabling firms to:

  • ensure their pay levels are market competitive
  • make informed choices on remuneration structures and policies for their business
  • have informed conversations on remuneration with partners and employees
  • improve staff motivation, retention and morale.

The European Survey covers 53 investment and non-investment roles.

If you are a partner or an executive in a Private Equity / Venture Capital/ Infrastructure or Real Estate Fund Management business and you believe that your firm might benefit from participating, please contact Margarita Skripina or request your questionnaire here.

To find out more about MM&K’s 2024 Private Equity & Venture Capital Compensation Survey click here.

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