MM&K’s 2021 Life in the Boardroom Survey – we are asking non-executives to tell us about the topics which interest them most

April 28, 2021

We are preparing to build our 2021 Life in the Boardroom Survey.  This survey is unique, as it represents the views of individual non-executive directors. It is not based on information obtained from their colleagues or from annual reports.  To ensure this year’s survey reflects the experience and opinions of individual directors on of the topics which are of most interest to them, we have prepared a mini-questionnaire to ask non-executives which new topics they would like to see covered this year.

The role of non-executive directors, traditionally to contribute to the Board through independent oversight and constructive challenge to executive directors, has become more demanding as businesses face greater complexity. For example, non-executives now have to deal with the effects of the Covid pandemic on their businesses and the economy as well understand and take into account, the views of stakeholders, including the wider workforce.

Our latest Life in the Boardroom survey included data provided by non-executives from 517 companies representing a variety of industries, including Financial Services, IT, Media, Aerospace and Constructions. Such extended participation provided invaluable insights into Board practices and remuneration.

Publication of the 2021 survey report is scheduled for the Autumn.  As well as providing valuable information for current non-executives, Life in the Boardroom will also benefit:

  • those aspiring to become NEDs
  • Boards and their HR departments seeking to recruit non-executives
  • advisers to companies on the recruitment and remuneration of non-executives
  • organisations established to support businesses and their directors.

If you were not a participant in last year’s survey but would like a copy of the 2020 Life in the Boardroom report, it is still available to purchase here.

You can download a preview and find out more here.

Please contact Elisa Cobetto with any queries.

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