Recent changes to the QCA Corporate Governance Code

July 16, 2018

The Quoted Companies Alliance (QCA), has also been revising its Code and made radical changes (the number of Principles has been reduced from 12 to 10). The Code was issued on 25 April. It is considered to be more flexible than the UK Code and more suitable for smaller companies.  The existence of the two codes is particularly relevant to AIM listed companies – under a new AIM rule, AIM companies have to declare on their website, by 28 September, which “recognised” corporate governance code they apply. They have a choice of code. But they also have a separate choice of whether to prepare a remuneration report according to the Directors’ Remuneration Reporting Regulations (which only main market companies are obliged to follow) or to comply with the far more limited AIM rule 19 requirement to provide “details” of directors’ remuneration by applying, for example, the QCA specimen remuneration report in the QCA Remuneration Committee Guide.

For more information regarding the new code and the QCA specimen report, please contact

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