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As most readers will know, carried interest is part of the Private Equity industry’s DNA.  The concept of carried interest, in reality the more common name for the performance fee that a fund manager receives for successfully managing someone else’s money by investing it in private equity, has been an integral part of the private…

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The Chancellor’s Budget speech on March 3rd was preceded by months of speculation, driven by a report published by the Office of Tax Simplification back in November last year, that the rate of capital gains tax (CGT) in the UK might well be increased to come into line with income tax, i.e., 45% for additional…

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It perhaps comes as no surprise that the beneficial tax treatment of carried interest is under attack again in the United States. A group of Democrat Representatives has put forward a bill to change the tax treatment of carried interest to that of ordinary income, which can be as high as 37% in the US. …

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