2019 Private Equity & Venture Capital Survey

MM&K’s 2019 Global Private Equity & Venture Capital Compensation Survey has now closed

We have now published our 24th annual compensation survey. Information on how to purchase this report can be found here.

Nigel Mills reflects on some of the key findings in the Report which supports the hypothesis that this sector is in boom times. Read more.

Nigel Mills reflects on some of the key findings in the Reports with regard to pay levels on both sides of the pond, and the levels of Management fees and Performance fees (or Carry). Read more.

MM&K’s 2020 Global Private Equity & Venture Capital Compensation Survey

We would like to invite Private Equity and Venture Capital firms to participate in the 2020 survey and will be launching this survey soon. If you are interested in participating this year or wish to register your interest please contact: surveys@mm-k.com.

Our survey offers a comprehensive market view of competitive compensation strategies across the private equity sector. The focus to includes Real Estate and Infrastructure funds. The survey covers all aspects of compensation, including salaries, bonuses, carry and co-investment plans, as well as a broad range of human capital and staffing questions.

Due to growth in participation and global interest over the last few years, we now offer a series of three expanded and comprehensive reports, covering the UK and mainland Europe (with an extended focus on Switzerland), North America and Asia.

MM&K partners with PEI Media in Europe and Holt Private Equity Consultants in North America as well as with its GECN partner firms around the world to produce a global survey that provides market-leading participation and coverage to our clients on three continents.

The European survey covers 37 investment and non-investment roles in a range of alternative asset management strategies, including:



Growth Capital

Fund of Funds

Venture Capital

Real Estate

Seed Capital





A key feature of the service we offer is the ease with which our participants can use the market data. We achieve this by providing, in addition to the report:

A management summary table which shows, role by role, a comparison between your own remuneration levels and the market quartiles

All data tables in both PDF and Excel format

To give you a feel for the topics covered in our 2019 survey, we have produced a sample of the European report and management summary. This is an abbreviation of the full report using dummy data, but gives a clear view of last year’s participants and the wide scope of information we provide. With the introduction of our Global survey this year,we are hoping for significant growth in participation. The sample report can be accessed below:

Access Sample Report and Management Summary

The results will be available to participants from September as three separate reports, with pre-order prices and bundle deals on offer for multi-region purchases. Our pricing structure can be found in the order form, which is part of the questionnaire. Request your questionnaire here

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If you have any further questions regarding our survey feel free to email surveys@mm-k.com.