Remuneration Committee Advice

We support Remuneration Committees by helping them to:

  • Identify KPIs for those factors which enable and support the successful implementation of the company’s strategy
  • Adopt remuneration policies which are consistent with the nature and culture of the business, including its natural investment/return cycles
  • Design incentive plans which make effective and transparent use of the selected KPIs
  • Understand and demonstrate, through modelling, the costs and benefits of a particular incentive plan design
  • Produce for stakeholders concise and transparent descriptions of directors’ remuneration policies and practices
  • Benchmark executive pay to comparable roles in the market
  • Keep up to date with good governance guidelines and best practice
  • Identify ways in which current practices may be improved; and
  • Prepare the Directors’ Remuneration Report and other disclosures.

We can work on either ad hoc projects, as requested, or as a regular adviser to the Remuneration Committee, in which case our typical role would be the following:

  • Attend meetings of the remuneration Committee and, if required, take the minutes of the meetings and, after checking with the Chairman, make them available to all authorised recipients
  • Prior to each Committee meeting, meet the remuneration Committee Chairman to agree the agenda and to ensure that there is a clear understanding of the key issues in relation to each agenda item
  • Ensure, in advance of each meeting, that the Committee has the relevant internal papers for all agenda items plus properly edited comparator reports, summaries of any relevant legal and UKLA requirements
  • Between meetings, bring members’ notice by phone or email any changes in regulations which affect the Committee’s work
  • Be available or consultation by phone or email for all members of the Committee and
  • With the agreement of the Chairman help to communicate to executive management any changes to executive remuneration policy and practice.