Executive Remuneration Services

  • Executive Remuneration Strategy
  • Remuneration Committee advice
  • Share Plan Design
  • Benchmarking and survey analyses
  • Services to SMEs

Shareholders and other interested parties are paying increasingly close attention to executives’ and directors’ remuneration.

Challenges include:

  • Formulating a clear strategy framework and a time table for its implementation
  • Identifying key short and long term performance indicators by which to monitor progress towards success
  • Adopting and communicating a clear remuneration philosophy and policies
  • Identifying the appropriate competitive pay market(s) and desired market position
  • Reviewing annual bonus and LTI’s to ensure executives’ incentives properly support and reflect progress towards successful strategy implementation and long-term value creation
  • Compliance with new regulations governing the reporting of directors’ remuneration policy practice.

MM&K advises and supports companies and their remuneration committees to address these challenges and to put in place executives’ and directors’ remuneration policies and practices, which support the nature and culture of the business and its strategic objectives.

Executive Remuneration Strategy

Our approach is straightforward and collaborative.  We support clients:

  • To develop remuneration policies that show clear links to business strategy, key performance indicators and risks
  • To ensure there is a transparent link between executive pay and value creation
  • By implementing our agreed recommendations and providing continuing support post project completion

Remuneration Committee Dinners

MM&K hold regular dinners where Remuneration Committee members discuss topical remuneration issues. If you sit on a Remuneration Committee and would like to be invited to one of our dinners, please contact us.

You can download summaries of previous discussions by clicking on the links below.


  • November, 2017. MM&K recently held one of its regular Remuneration Dinners for CEOs and Non-Executive directors. Please click here to read an overview of the evening in which the theme for discussion was: “The direction of travel of remuneration governance in the UK and what the regulatory environment might look like in 5 years’ time”.
  • June, 2017 Please click here for the recent notes on our discussion around "Should LTIPs really be phased out as soon as possible?"


  • March 6, 2017 MM&K regularly hosts dinners for Chairmen, Remuneration Committee Chairs and Chief Executives. The question for discussion at the March dinner was: Corporate Governance Reform – has intervention by Government and other “interested parties” taken a step too far? Please click here for a record of the discussion.


  • November 2016 "Corporate evolution from private to AIM to the main market - its effect on remuneration"