Share Plan Administration: Software

Stable and flexible software underpins our high standard share plan administration services.

MM&K Share Plan Administration use a web based software platform that has been specifically developed to perform our day to day tasks. With design input from experienced administrators and remuneration and tax consultants, it provides us with a robust administration platform and makes record keeping and the production of documentation very easy.

We can produce data, records, and reports in your preferred format at the touch of a button.

Our in-house expertise and relationship with the developer means that we can react quickly to the requirements of our clients in this increasingly complex share plan environment. Our software is constantly updated and the benefits are passed on to all of our clients.

Your employees can have access to a secure online portal, Shares2View.


Shares2View is a secure online service for employee share plan participants. It takes data from our administration platform and makes it available over the Internet, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We provide all share plan participants with unique username and passwords with which they can access their own share plan records online from any computer with Internet access.

It is an invaluable communications tool that enables employees to track their share plan participation, calculate potential gains, and submit online exercise/sale requests.

The software is now available to use in-house. If you are interested in learning more and would like a full specification, please contact our share plan team.