Share Plans: Ad-hoc Consultancy

MM&K Share Plan Administration can provide specialist consultancy services to work with companies in-house or externally.

Here are a few examples of times when companies might benefit from our experience:

  • You are undertaking a merger or acquisition and need someone to focus on your employee share plans;
  • You are going through a share capital reconstruction or consolidation;
  • Perhaps a change of staff has unearthed some issues with your share plan data and you need some help auditing or, perhaps, recreating your registers;
  • You are looking to find a new broker, registrar, or Trustee and you would like some advice and assistance;
  • You are undertaking data reconciliation or providing information for due diligence purposes and some additional assistance would give you a fresh pair of eyes.

If you would like to discuss our ad-hoc share plan consultancy services further, please contact our share plan consultants to discus.