Share Plan Administration: What We Do

Our suite of services and software enables us to produce flexible, customised share plan administration solutions to a wide variety of clients, for a wide range of share plans, big and small, straightforward and complex.

We provide all of our clients with online and telephone helplines, so your employees can contact us directly with any queries. They can also access their records online via a secure employee portal, Shares2View.

We are proud of our reputation for excellence and we will work alongside your existing providers, for example your brokers, registrars and Trustees, to provide a seamless service.

We can create and administer onshore employee benefit trusts, acting as Trustee for your company’s Share Incentive Plan shares.  

As companies introduce more varieties of employee share plans, so do we introduce new services. We currently administer the following:

If your company share plan does not seem to fit into any of the categories above, please contact our Share Plan Administration team to discuss further.