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MM&K has been producing surveys of compensation in the alternative asset management sector since 1996. Our surveys cover the whole range of compensation and benefits data whilst also including detailed analysis and incisive commentary.Reports are written by consultants who are able to draw upon their experience of working with clients on Private Equity Remuneration projects.

Private Equity Compensation Surveys 

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Survey History

In 1996,at the request of its clients, MM&K produced the first ever survey dedicated to carried interest plans and co-investment plans within the UK and European private equity/venture capital industry. The survey, which is now produced annually, has covered the whole ambit of compensation and benefits data whilst maintaining the detailed analysis and commentary on incentive plan practice and design.

The survey has developed over the years and is now open to the whole of the sector including large and smaller mid-market buy-out, infrastructure, real estate, mezzanine, growth/development, venture and technology as well as fund of funds and secondaries.

In 2010 MM&K formed a partnership with US based private equity consultants HOLT.The combined survey team includes over 55 years of consulting and survey expertise. MM&K are pleased to build on this solid foundation and the partnership will continue in 2016. Together with Buyouts Insider, formerly part of Thomson Reuters, HOLT produce the North American report as part of our global series.

In 2016 we partnered with HCM in Switzerland for the European survey, to further bolster our coverage in Europe. With the help of HCM, we will also be offering an extended view of Swiss compensation trends within the European report.

In 2016 we partnered with Carrots for Financial Services in Singapore and shall be launching the Asian branch of our Global Private Equity & Venture Capital Compensation Survey series in 2016.

The series will be comprised of three separate reports, covering the UK and European mainland, North America and Asia. For more details, please use the links above.

Other Surveys

During the last 20 years MM&K has also produced several surveys of pay and incentives in the Venture Capital industry. These surveys have typically been produced at the request of MM&K client(s).

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Michael Holt has conducted pay surveys and consulted to the industry for over 20 years.

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