Entrepreneurial & Family Business

MM&K works with privately-owned organisations of all sizes. We treat each organisation as the unique enterprise it is and make sure we spend the time to understand the commercial and personal objectives that are really important to those involved in the business.

We are frequently approached by private businesses to help them deal with a central issue in succession planning: share ownership and equity participation. Our multi-disciplinary team have the experience and ability to put in place share-based incentive arrangements that will protect the value created by family and founder shareholders whilst effectively incentivising the wider executive team. Wherever possible, we will advise how these awards may be made cost and tax efficiently.

Where executives are looking to incentivise the wider workforce we also have broad experience in putting in place all-employee plans.

Although not currently required to comply with the UK’s Corporate Governance Code and the Directors’ Remuneration Reporting Regulations, a number of our private company clients are increasingly seeing the benefit of more formal governance structures and, in particular, the creation of a remuneration committee. We are very experienced in helping our clients create and run effective remuneration committees.