Case Study – Administration and management of LTIP Vesting


The MM&K Share Plan Administration was appointed by a FTSE 250 fund management company to manage and administer the fast approaching global vesting and release of shares under their Long Term Incentive Plan (“LTIP”). The Company had managed the previous vesting in house and had encountered a wide range of difficulties including issues with the offshore trustee, managing a time-line, errors with data and delivery of stock and sale proceeds to participants.


  • Draft full employee communication material and handled the distribution to participants.
  • Set up employee telephone and email helpline.
  • Conduct meetings with all parties involved in the transaction e.g. Trustees, Broker, Registrar etc to confirm processes and timescales.
  • Collation and chasing of all participant instruction requests.
  • Managed the successful calculations of tax liabilities and sale requests.
  • Ensured delivery of all stock and cash settlements to relevant parties.
  • Final participant communication including transaction breakdown and delivery of any share certificates.
  • Overall project management and co-ordination of parties.