Pay and Performance Survey 2015

The Manifest/MM&K Executive Director Total Remuneration Survey 2015 is the most comprehensive analysis of top pay available and offers a complete review of this topical issue across the UK market. 

The Single Total Figure of Remuneration is now disclosed (since 1st October 2013) and consistent analysis of total remuneration is the key to understanding the biggest drivers in executive reward.

This Pay Survey is the most timely, thorough and accurate in the market. It contains data from the latest proxy disclosures and is published twice a year.

Price £750 for FTSE 350 companies and £500 for others

Survey Contents 

The survey covers all quoted and many AIM companies with detailed analyses of:

  • Salaries and salary increases
  • Bonus plans (actual payments in £, as % salary, maximum potential, actual as % of maximum, deferred amounts and terms)
  • Long term incentives (expected value of awards, % as options and as LTIPs, maximum face value of awards and EPS and TSR performance criteria vesting targets, threshold and maxima),
  • Pensions (with separate value data for DB, DC and cash allowances),
  • Total remuneration both in total £ and % mix
  • Internal differentials
  • Sector differences
  • Long term trends in salaries and total remuneration.

Pay and Performance

The new DRRR require a more thoughtful approach to communicating pay to shareholders and to do so requires access to good, reliable, robust, independent, trusted data. MM&K and Manifest are both independent and produce such date (for example, BIS have used a data in a number of consultations and press releases).

We have renamed the Executive Director Total Remuneration Survey as the Pay and Performance Survey, because we are now including additional information on:-

  • Performance measures
  • Performance outcomes
  • How pay and performance are linked.

The Executive Director Total Remuneration Survey contains all the information that we have always produced in the total remuneration survey, covering salary, bonus, deferred bonus, LTIPs, options, pensions and other benefits - including quartiles, medians and averages, with detailed breakdowns by company size.  The survey also contains all up to date information and analysis on performance measures, outcomes and pay/performance measure ratios.

Why buy the Survey?

  1. To ensure you have the most reliable, authoritative data at your fingertips all the time
  2. Simple easy to use tables with breakdowns by job and turnover and market capitalisation categories, as well as tables each of FTSE100, FTSE250, Small Cap, AIM and Fledgling companies.
  3. Unique analysis of performance measures, outcomes and pay and performance linkages for FTSE 350 companies.  This will be published in September 2014.
  4. Executive Summary of key points and more detailed commentary of trends and remuneration issues.
  5. Ordering now will allow you to plan ahead and organise your future survey purchases.
  6. Buying now automatically gives you the September update, which includes March 31 y/end reports.
  7. Single survey report covering both large and small companies, so no need to buy separate reports. Our report allows you to see the whole market picture and differences in approach.
  8. The provision to the Remuneration Committee of independently produced data is considered best practice in corporate governance.

*includes September update